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Home School So Far

I’ve been keeping a short log of how each day goes, so I’m posting it here as well.

March 2nd
Today we did the letter ‘A’. Cora and Calvin thought of 20 words.

March 3rd
Bought Jolly Phonics flash cards and picture sound cards. Also bought “Adding and Taking Away” workbooks for them from Toys R Us.

March 4th
Traveled down to Edinburgh

March 5th
Traveled back. Stopped at Deep Sea World – they have a long tunnel and you can see sharks and fish swimming around you. Calvin was disappointed that he didn’t see a shark eating a fish.

March 6th
Saturday today but Calvin really wanted to “do school” so I had them draw pictures of things starting with “T”. They both drew tigers, one had too many tails! Cora’s first tooth fell out today.

March 8th
Finished the letter “T” today. kids drew some cards for Grandad and we went to visit him in hospital.

March 9th
Today we did the letter “I”. Before we had really finished it Cora wanted to do maths. She tried reading the “Inky” book (that is part of Jolly Phonics) but needed some help. They did some pages of the maths books but Calvin was a little confused. They can both count and add though.

They also played with the Jolly Phonics picture sound cards and did quite well matching the word to the object. Calvin was very pleased – he figured out ‘spoon’ with the right picture by sounding it out.

Home School!

We did our first day of formal home education today. We only spent a little time, we’re doing one letter a day for now and will do some side projects too. This week we will read about butterflies and do some butterfly art projects.

So here they are on day 1:



Today we did the letter S. They practised on their whiteboards and drew things starting with S. Then we did an A3 poster where I wrote down every word they could think of that started with S – by the end of the day they had 82! I was really proud of them. :) And Calvin sounded out ‘salt’ and spelled it (with an o, but phonetically you can understand that). He’s never been formally taught letters except I’ve taught him the letters of his own name. But he is inquisitive and asks regularly what so-and-so letter is, I guess he’s retained more than I realised! Good day today. :)

And my new wrap arrived, this is my birthday present. It’s a Didymos wrap and it’s called Pink Lilies. Terrible pictures of me (I hate self-timer) but you can see the wrap. So pretty!



Last but not least, a picture I love, of Cora and I.

Cora and Mummy

She crawls!

Maia has learned how to crawl! Though it is the funniest crawl ever, she sort of holds one knee in front of her, so she’s half sitting as she crawls. To be honest, it looks like really hard work. But she gets around! Video coming soon. She has 2 teeth now, and pulls herself up to stand on pretty much everything.

Today is the day the schools start again after half term break. So it’s the first day of Cora being officially home educated I guess you could say, because if we didn’t have approval she’d be going in today. We haven’t done any ‘school’ yet as such, because I want them to have a period of time sort of unwinding from school. We have been learning though, as you do with kids, Calvin suddenly asked if butterflies have legs the other day. Aaron went onto Google Images and soon found him some pictures showing their legs. I went to the library and got a great book on caterpillars and butterflies for them, so we’re going to do that. I might even get one of those kits where you can ‘grow your own’ butterflies. We also got a book on the USA, I thought it’d be good for the kids to learn a bit about it. It has a picture of St. Louis in it, which is the only real reason I picked the book I did! :)

Today we’re going to Hoodles in Oldmeldrum. It’s a big soft play and we’re meeting other home educators there, all of whom happen to be American too! Pure coincidence that though as there are plenty of non-American HE’ers around here. :) Cora is very excited, as one of the girls who will be there is 5 and “American just like her”. She’s going to wear her stars n stripes clippies.

Next week we’ll be going to Macduff Aquarium, they’re doing a tour for us HE’ers and we’re going to watch them feed the fish – there’s a massive tank in the centre of the building that goes all the way to an open top, and they dive in there and feed the fish. Then they’re going to give us a talk on marine wildlife, there’s lots to do there including rock pools where the kids can touch stuff. They loved it when we’ve been before.

Last but not least, enjoy this video – Cora and Calvin being silly at lunchtime a couple of days ago. We were all laughing so hard!


Maia has her first tooth this morning! She’s exactly 38 weeks old today, in 10 days she’ll be 9 months old. She’s on the verge of crawling too. Cora has 2 loose teeth as well, on the bottom. One is looser than the other and she’s very excited that it might fall out soon.

Very excited!

May is going to be an awesome month.

First, we’re going on holiday to Turkey. Staying here: Paloma Grida Village.

Then I’m going to the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) conference, and Ina May Gaskin is speaking! Can’t wait for that, I will be flying down with Maia to England for it.

Then the day after we’re back from that is Maia’s first birthday. :)

Then at some point after that my best friend will be visiting from Holland.

Could it get any better?

Some movies

Cora and Maia play see-saw

Maia getting on all fours, ready to crawl

Maia shuffling along the floor

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